mediation culturelle patrimoine immateriel nouveaux medias
reciproque is masterplanners, designers and project managers of multimedia projects for museums. We design and develop multimedia and audiovisual experiences for international museums and cultural institutions, ever seeking to engage the visitors in more innovative and interactive ways.


The development of digital strategies, and assistance in determining multimedia needs and opportunities, relevant resources in digital production and cultural interpretation, and the outsourcing of complex project analysis.
Strategy development, functional programming, workshops and steering committees.

Digital exhibit design

Design and development of multimedia installations for museums. Expertise in the conception, design and development of interactive equipment, complex studies of digital equipment layout, project management and collaboration with architects and exhibition designers. Skills range from from writing specifications to on-site supervision of installation layout.
Multimedia kiosks, audiovisual installations, hands-on interactive, websites, mobile applications, digital interpretation systems.

Multimedia production

Production design and management of digital heritage content in keeping with international best practices, in association with curators, artists, developers, and management teams.
Video and audio documentaries, interactive applications, educational games, 2D/3D motion graphics, graphic packaging, interface design.

Incubation and prototyping

Development of artistic installations, assistance in creating prototypes and proof of concept, interaction design and participatory evaluation of multimedia equipments.