3DS audio guide

Assistance with drafting the specifications for migrating the Louvre Museum audio guide to Nintendo 3DS


In 2011, the Louvre Museum’s multimedia department needed help managing a project which involved the coordination and drafting of technical specifications used to designate the companies responsible for the next generation of multimedia tour guides for the museum.

Thanks to a partnership with Nintendo, we were able to develop and launch a tour guide on 3DS XL, based on years of experience with the conventional audio guide and on the Nintendo teams’ expertise in designing fun interfaces.

Presentation of the audio guide on Nintendo 3DS

Still, the recovery and re-recording of the content in 12 languages, as well as the distribution of the devices on site, were assigned to a delegated company. The multimedia department thus asked Reciproque to draft the technical procurement specifications in full:

- Launch and maintenance of the terminal fleet
- Distribution of the terminals on site
- Provision, configuration of a publication system for multimedia content
- Production of additional content for the new multimedia guide.

Since 2013, Nintendo has distributed and sold the Louvre guide in the form of a Nintendo 3DS cartridge, which has been provided to millions of Louvre visitors since 2011.

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