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Design and development of a website to present the Fondation Louis Vuitton Collection

Vue d'une oeuvre de l'artiste Xu Zhen dans la collection

The Fondation Louis Vuitton contemporary and modern art collection is revealed gradually through events, displays and international presentations. The Fondation wanted to adopt a similar gradual public unveiling online by highlighting artwork for the opening of each new temporary exhibition.

Based on guidelines provided by the artistic direction and communications teams, Reciproque designed a web module in the aim of rendering the essential documentation for presenting the artwork and recreating the memory of its introduction to the public.

Page d'accueil de la Collection en ligne
Home page for the online Collection © reciproque

Bordering between a database and an online magazine, the website provides visitors access to all the resources produced by the Fondation to help understand the Collection and its featured artwork.

Although it features a unique original design, its graphic universe is featured on the other pages on the website. Reciproque worked alongside the Bonhomme agency for the design and graphic design. The technical aspects of the web module were created by the company Valtech.

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Project team
Stéphane Bezombes
Sébastien Cotte
Hélène Palauqui
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