Cristal Showroom

Design and development of audiovisual content for the showroom in Gennevilliers

2011 - 2013

Cristal is the new headquarters for Thales Communications & Security. This modern campus is a space for innovation, covering 87,500 square meters and assembling more than 4,000 employees in Gennevilliers. Cristal is entirely devoted to designing and developing the most advanced radio communication products and the secure and interoperable information systems of the future. On the campus, the Cristal showroom is the reception area which is also used to present the activities of all Thales Communications & Security divisions.

Thales entrusted interior designer Paolini Design with the customized technological and scenographic development of the Cristal showroom project, to present the new offering in a clear, ergonomic and reconfigurable way. The mission started with establishing the showroom’s functional and technical program, before focusing on multimedia management of the showroom development project in collaboration with the architect. The Cristal showroom demo spaces are designed like crisis rooms with walls of images and screens. They are made available to marketing teams to broadcast catalog demos to employees or to various prospective and existing clients.

In response to this need, Reciproque designed a multi-screen infrastructure as a central feature of the showroom from which to manage the broadcast of available audiovisual and computer content. It was featured in each of the rooms, on simple screens or very high-resolution multi-window systems. The centralized architecture is supported by a specific transmission network which enables users to broadcast all kinds of media over long distances without degrading the display quality. Ultimately, this infrastructure makes it possible to transmit 40 high-definition streams simultaneously to the targeted spaces.

The showroom uses Barco multi-window and Eyevis equipment for the transmission technology and the centralized management system.

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Project team
François Forge
Ludovic Perrot
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