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Programming study for the completion of the École centrale de Marseille MC2 project

Vue intérieure du centre de créativité

In 2015, the École centrale de Marseille decided to build a creativity center (MC2) in an existing space at the heart of campus. The project came in response to a need for a place that inspires innovation and that brings together the school’s initiatives and its students, as well as those from the Château Gomber technopolis, which, due to the density of activities, research labs, schools and businesses on the site, is missing an iconic spot.

The MC2 restructured its spaces by creating areas where people can meet, find resource materials (learning center), enjoy modular and practical workspaces, and take advantage of spaces dedicated to manufacturing and prototyping (fablab) as well as presentations, conferences and different types of events (auditorium).

As a joint contractor of the AP’Culture agency, Reciproque worked in close collaboration with the École Centrale de Marseille project team, lending its expertise to identify needs in terms of scale and the functional and technical specifications for the project’s digital equipment. The programming study led to the establishment of a program in the form of an operational blueprint.

Centre de créativité du campus Marseille
Marseille campus creativity center
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