Technical and audiovisual programming of the C3D room for the Saint-Gobain Group

2010 - 2011

Saint-Gobain Research Paris is an industrial research and development center for the subsidiaries of the Saint-Gobain Group, worldwide leader on the housing market. It supports the Group in the development of products and improvement of industrial processes.

At the heart of the Domopole project, a room has been set up to present the company’s heritage and to share knowledge. This digital room, dubbed C3D, reveals all the qualities and performance information on the Saint-Gobain Group products in the field of housing, and is divided into two areas: one “public” area where participants and stakeholders gather, and one “technical” area where most of the technical equipment is installed.

Vue de la salle C3D
View of the C3D room © reciproque

Reciproque was asked to provide project management support to build the digital simulation projection room, complete the usage guidelines, conduct technical studies and roll out the audiovisual material for the room. This room was built as part of the Domopole construction project in accordance with the specifications of the Encore Heureux architect firm. Every effort was made to guarantee the absolute best sound and image quality and optimum comfort for users.

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Ludovic Perrot
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