Roman gates of France

Creation of a web documentary on the search for and scanning of Roman gates in France


Founded in 2001, the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art (INHA) is a higher education and research institute dedicated to promoting art history and to managing INHA’s Jacques-Doucet library collections.

As part of its mission to share its knowledge surrounding the Roman gate of the Abbye Church of Sainte-Foy in Conques, scanned in 3D, the institute wanted to develop a digital mediation tool that would provide an overview of all the studies conducted by researchers from INHA, the Institut National de l'Image et du Son (INIS), Arts et Métiers ParisTech, and HESAM Université (Hautes Études Sorbonne Arts et Métiers) aimed at the general public.

Reciproque designed and created a web documentary in the form of an interactive narrative that combines media and animations and provides users with key insights into the scientific project, mainly through the use of 3D scans, with extensive freedom to consult the content.

The web documentary enables users to view all the sequences as a single narrative or to control each sequence for more detailed information on the document database.

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