Creation of an interactive animated series on the history of the Louvre museum collections

L'atelier imaginaire de Dominique Vivant Denon
2007 - 2008

The Louvre opened in 1793 and was managed by the baron Vivant Denon starting in 1802.

In 2007, the Louvre wanted to add to its website an original interface designed to help children between the ages of 8 and 12 to discover and navigate the site. It was a bold challenge, to develop not a website targeting a young audience but rather an add-on to the official site. Dominique Vivant Denon was selected as the avatar to help children navigate the Louvre museum website.

Reciproque oversaw the creation and multimedia production of this interface in keeping with the concept and drawings provided by the Louvre.

Anecdote "Le Milon de Crotone"
“Milo of Croton” anecdote © François Place

To this end, Reciproque organized an animation production chain, from the storyboard to the integration of visual components. The charming result is largely thanks to the original writing for the scenarios, which were written as anecdotes on the museum pieces and in the graphic style of François Place, the author of all the cartoons.

Under the leadership of Odile Perrin, the production studio Les Armateurs created the animated sequences, edited the avatar animations, and composed and produced the original music sequences. Software and technological development for the avatar was assigned to Cantoche.

When the Louvre website was revamped in 2012, the Lupicatule animated sequences were once again featured on the site, but the avatar Vivant Denon was dropped.

Available in two languages, the series features 5 animated stories and 50 anecdotes (Artwork stories) available exclusively on the Louvre’s “Tales of the Museum” web page.

Expedition to Egypt © reciproque + Les Armateurs