Maison des Civilisations et de l'Unité Réunionnaise

Museographic assistance for the permanent exhibition at the Maison des Civilisations et de l'Unité Réunionnaise

Vue d'artiste de la MCUR
2007 - 2010
La Reunion

In 2005, the Réunion region wanted to build a major cultural center with international reach. This original project shows the desire to acknowledge the dynamics of Réunion society and the challenges of an inclusive and sustainable development on the island. The region tasked the XTU agency with designing an open space spanning 9,000 square meters.

With its scientific and cultural project, the MCUR explores the elements that form the foundation of new “objectless” museums: how else can you discuss the topic of Réunion culture when all material traces have been erased by slavery, colonization or simply by abandonment? The MCUR aims to become a cultural, historical and social center, with spaces dedicated to science, culture, animations, games, rest areas, activities, and meeting places, as a social gathering hub.

Musée de la Civilisation réunionnaise
View of competition © X-TU

Working alongside Lord Culture, Reciproque supported the MCUR team all throughout the study phase of the museographic project, designed by Sophie Thomas Architecture. Reciproque and Lord Culture worked together to provide museographic support, from writing the detailed museographic program to drafting the development specifications for completing the project. Work was halted in April 2010.

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