Design and production of digital tour devices for the interpretation center dedicated to the Legio VIII Augusta camp from the Roman era.

Mirabellum, Centre d'interprétation de Mireabeau-sur-Bèze

Along with the new tourism office, the “Mirabellum” interpretation center was erected in the Mirebeau-sur-Bèze Forum building (Côte d’Or, France). It is dedicated to the eighth Roman legion which established its camp of approximately 8,500 soldiers over an area of 23 hectares in Mirebeau-sur-Bèze. The archeological relics that were studied during preventive excavation campaigns are now available for display.

Visitors are invited to discover this chapter in local history, through a themed tour. The exhibition is structured around two spaces: one dedicated to the Legio VIII Augusta, its history and past activity; and the other to the immersive archeological experience, research and the scientific outcomes surrounding the camp of the eighth legion.

Mirabellum - Centre d'Interprétation de Mirebeau-sur-Bèze
Mirebeau-sur-Bèze interpretation center © reciproque

To complete this new space, Reciproque teamed up with scenographer Marion Golmard, the project manager overseeing the design and production of the digital mediation devices.

Featured in the space, a 1:100 model acts as a visual aid to the story told by a legionnaire from the Roman era, who presents information about the sites excavated by archeologists and the traces of the camp.

A projection evokes the presence of these legionnaires, bringing these bygone men to life, in a life-sized frontality projected in front of the model.

In order to share the results of scientific research on this archeological site, four screens provide access to aerial archeology photographs taken by René Goguey—who discovered the Roman camp—, archived images of the various excavation campaigns, interviews with experts, and a series of videos on archeological professions produced by INRAP.

Reciproque also created the communications website for the interpretation center as well as the document database, accessible online, which centralizes all of the scientific data on the site.

Mirabellum opened its doors in September 2019.

Contenus scientifiques diffusés sur des interfaces tactiles
Scientific content shared on the touchscreen interfaces
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