Design and creation of digital mediation tools for the permanent exhibition at the Bibracte interpretation center

2019 - 2023
In progress

Located on the slopes of Mont Beuvray, the Bibracte Museum is an exceptional archaeological and natural site stretching across nearly 1,000 hectares. Research conducted on the site is coordinated by the European archaeological center team, which every year welcomes a thousand researchers, heritage experts and students. The museum then presents the research results on Bibracte and the oppida of the Late Iron Age.

The Bibracte Museum undertakes a number of activities to promote mediation and artistic and cultural education. Its scientific and cultural program for the coming years aims to strengthen this offering through the creation of tools that facilitate tours and the sharing of knowledge via digital technology.

In 2019, the Bibracte Museum selected Reciproque as the exclusive firm responsible for designing these new digital mediation services. The full assignment addresses every aspect of the tour experience and involves the implementation and completion of multimedia projects over a three-year period, including museographic devices, a handheld tour guide tool to discover the excavation site, and the website.

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