Monet, the spirit of place

Design of digital mediation tools and production of multimedia content for the Hong Kong Heritage Museum

2015 - 2016
The exhibition “Claude Monet, the Spirit of Place” (from 4 May to 10 July 2016) at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum was organized by the Réunion des Musées Nationaux in order to display Claude Monet’s work from a renewed and immersive perspective during the Le French May Festival.
As part of the scenography team, Reciproque designed and created multimedia devices for the exhibition.
As an introduction to the tour, three immersive videos explored the painter’s pictorial technique, the impressionist movement, and how Monet represented the seasons, light and water. Based on various documents from the artist’s era, the videos feature different animation styles to illustrate each theme in an educational manner.
Dispositif sur la vie de Claude Monet avec public
Device on the life of Claude Monet © reciproque, 2019

The profusion and obsession of Monet’s paintings inspired an immersive installation in the tour which offers visitors an interactive and sensorial way to experience his works from the Water Lilies series. An animated composition, created from about a dozen Water Lilies paintings, was projected into the pond of the water gardens. Visitors were also able to interact with the projection. A sound arrangement accompanied the pond animation, taking the visitor on an immersive journey to Giverny. Several interactive desks were placed around the virtual pond. Located at the end of the exhibition, in a darkened gallery, this installation welcomed visitors into a space conducive to contemplation.

Interactive water garden presentation at the exhibition © reciproque