Musée National de la Marine

Scenography competition for the permanent exhibition at the Musée National de la Marine

Vue intérieure du concours de scénographie

The multimedia mediation and audiovisual content consultation program for the future Navy museum is bold and ambitious.

Our design aims to meet the program requirements by expanding them in three strategic areas: Telling stories about maritime adventure, respect for the ecology of attention, and developing sustainable mediation.

Being adventurous means taking the risk of delving into that which we do not understand and setting out to discover. That is what we endeavored to do by proposing a tour summary that encourages engagement and natural curiosity and respect for risk taking.

Galerie des modèles
Gallery of the models © Frenak + Julien

The ecology of attention is a key theme in the design concept, with a consistent emphasis on simplicity, the minimization of technological grandstanding, and the need to demonstrate rather than explain.

Finally, the sustainable mediation design, from the first phase, takes into account the requirements with regard to ergonomics, operating comfort, simplicity, experience quality and equity, and equipment versatility.We are striving to offer a design with zero technical debt.

We are working to ensure that the Musée National de la Marine multimedia project can be maintained and remain functional for at least 15 years after the inauguration.

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