Design, creation and maintenance of a digital guestbook for the Fondation Louis Vuitton

POPBook présenté au grand Palais
2015 - 2019

The Fondation Louis Vuitton is a corporate foundation that promotes contemporary art and artists as well as 20th century masterpieces from which artists today draw their inspiration. The bold and iconic building was designed by Frank Gehry.

At the request of the Visitors Department, Reciproque designed an original device that gathers visitors’ impressions after the tour.

POPBook has been the guestbook of the Fondation Louis Vuitton since 2016. It is located in the building lobby in front of the reception desk and next to the bookshop. Visitors can leave drawings, selfies and comments set to a variety of backgrounds, including reproductions of pieces from the current exhibition or images of the building. The images created remain available on the kiosk for a month. Visitors can, if they so choose, send their creation by email or post it on a dedicated Facebook page.

POPBook dans le hall de la Fondation LV avec deux enfants
The POPBook is a device that sparks public conversation © reciproque
POPBook presentation video © Reciproque / DreamOn

The device and image composition software was created in collaboration with Blue Yeti and the agency Téra-création. Prélud created the custom unit.

Since its implementation, it has recorded 70,000 creations. During peak periods, the guestbook receives up to 6,000 contributions per month.

The POPBook was updated in 2019, with the release of the digital service in two versions: POPBook mobile, integrated into the building tour app, and POPBook Studio, a genuine post-tour creative tool.

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Project team
Stéphane Bezombes
Isabelle Jouve
Anne Prugnon
Marion Bahy-Baril
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