Visite & Co

Design and development of a mobile app to promote cultural awareness of the Axe Majeur

Cergy Pontoise

A 3-km-long monumental work designed by visual artist and sculptor Dani Karavan, the Axe Majeur is an architectural symbol of the new city of Cergy-Pontoise.

This sculpture, for which construction began in 1980, features a massive garden with various tiers offering a view of Paris and the La Défense towers.

Instant messaging mobile app © reciproque

The Visite & Co app allows users to enjoy a community tour via a combination of the audio guide and instant messaging functions. The app offers much more than your typical overview of a work in the form of recorded commentary; rather, it sparks discussion by allowing visitors to send questions to a cultural mediator or other visitors on the construction process, the artist’s intentions and the structure’s exceptional elements. Long before the emergence of chatbots now found in real-time messaging apps, the Visite & Co project offered a functional prototype of a tool facilitating conversation between visitors.

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