Design and production of a cultural guide mobile app for open-air tourist spaces

2014 - In progress
In progress

French cities and regions have a rich artistic heritage and an abundance of artwork on display in public spaces and in nature. Whether publicly or privately commissioned, or left as traces of ephemeral events, art is all around us, although we may not always see, notice or appreciate it. And when we do stop to take it in, we sometimes lack all the information needed to fully appreciate the pieces that constitute genuine open-air art journeys.

With this in mind, Reciproque designed and produced a platform concept for publishing apps for the iTunes Store and Android Play Store. Development of the app factory was assigned to the company AdFab. Marketing, sales and promotion were entrusted to Artevia.

ArtMapper was championed as an innovative cultural project in 2014 by the French Ministry of Culture.

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Price Innovative Cultural Project 2014
Project team
Stéphane Bezombes
Isabelle Jouve
Elsa Bernard
Marion Bahy-Baril
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