A Summer in Le Havre

Strategy, design and digital development of a website and mobile app for the event “A Summer in Le Havre”.

2016 - 2018
Le Havre

In 2017, the City of Le Havre celebrated its 500th anniversary. For four months, the celebration unfolded as a narrative festival in the heart of the city with events, temporary installations, and powerful performances to bring the downtown to life. Since the end of the cultural season, some of the installations have remained in place on the territory.

The public interest group formed for the 500th anniversary of the City of Le Havre appointed Jean Blaise for the artistic direction of the “A Summer in Le Havre 2017” project, and Artevia for the production framework agreement of the cultural event. As a member of this group, Reciproque is responsible for the digital development, mainly with regard to the event’s communication and mediation aspects.

Les Géants de Royal de Luxe et les Catène de containers de Vincent Ganivet
The Royal de Luxe Giants and the Catène de Containers by Vincent Ganive © reciproque
Video presentation of the “A Summer in Le Havre” app © reciproque

The Reciproque teams first designed the special event website in accordance with the communication project aimed at promoting the event. The objective of the site was to help tourists discover Le Havre, its inhabitants, and its iconic locations with artwork on full display. The website design was assigned to the agency H5.

Reciproque developed and, during the event, managed a mobile app with geolocation on the Artmapper database. The app was designed to help festival-goers find their way around the various tours. The app sends notifications on specific dates or during major events. While walking around the city, users can, at any moment, consult descriptions, videos and photos of each location, event and piece of artwork featured in the festival.

Reciproque oversaw the operation, promotion and technical administration of these digital services for the 2017 and 2018 editions of “A Summer in Le Havre”.

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