Maison des Climats

Design, writing, creation and integration of multimedia interpretation devices for the Maison des Climats

2017 - 2019

Shortly after the Climats of Burgundy were named as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2015, the Maison des Climats opened its doors in 2017, occupying a space of 170 square meters at the Beaune tourism office.

Maison des Climats takes visitors on a journey to discover the Climats as a cultural landscape, to reveal the characteristics and unique aspect of this site so well-suited to viticulture.

The Association des Climats du vignoble de Bourgogne assigned a team, led by Marion Golmard and Reciproque, with the scenography for the Maison des Climats and the creation of several innovative multimedia devices.

Presentation video for the Burgundy vineyard Maison des Climats

Reciproque designed and created an augmented reality experience on a tablet, which interacts with a 9-meter-long model to display the names of the 1,247 Climats, their AOCs and their vintages.

Visitors can also travel back in time and see the nature of the soil in prehistory and the monuments erected in each era. The digital media library available on the tablet provides access to articles, photographs and original videos.

An immersive mural and sound environment were specially designed for the room to offer all visitors a spectacular way to discover and rediscover the Burgundy vineyards and to visualize the history of the territory.

Reciproque conducted the iconographic research to produce the devices and drafted the text for the application, which added up to about fifty fact sheets describing the territory, culture, know-how and heritage of the Climats of Burgundy. Finally, ten interviews were conducted, in collaboration with Stéphane Levy, featuring profiles that reflect the richness of the local heritage.

Vue de la fresque audiovisuelle dans la Maison des Climats
View of the audiovisual mural in the Maison des Climats © Michel Joly
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