Carré Janson

Programming and project management for the Tournai Smart Center’s immersive and sensorial tour

SmartCenter Tournai vue de la place Paul-Emile Janson
2019 - In progress
Tournai, Belgique
In progress

The City of Tournai’s UNESCO district is home to the Notre-Dame Cathedral and bell tower, both World Heritage sites. This district underwent revitalization works which transformed its public spaces, gave the area a new cohesive look, and created spaces for gatherings. Pedestrians are once again a focus of the circulation spaces. The quality of these projects has enhanced the district, adorned its most prestigious buildings, and added a new dynamic to sites that were experiencing a drop in appeal.

In order to make the district more attractive by enhancing the city’s economic and touristic potential through the renewal of the cathedral district, the Tournai Smart Center unit will devote its versatile spaces and its teams to technological innovation and to the promotion of art and creation. An innovation showcase, the Tournai Smart Center will be among the city’s most iconic jewels, as part of an global revitalization project to modernize urban planning, set up connected equipment, install a center for expression and creativity, promote the Notre-Dame Cathedral, and to help citizens flourish through modern devices that facilitate education, sharing, exchange and training.

As part of the group led by Tank Architectes, Reciproque was assigned the museographic and scenographic missions for the exhibition spaces in the future immersive and sensorial tour.

The Tournai Smart Center is scheduled to open in 2024.

Vue de la Cathédrale à travers les fenêtres de l'ancienne bibliothèque épiscopale
View from the Hôtel des Anciens Prêtres © reciproque

Vitrine de l'innovation, le Carré Janson deviendra un des fleurons identitaires de la ville s'inscrivant dans un projet de revalorisation global : moderniser l’urbanisme, implanter des équipements connectés, installer un centre d’expression et de création, valoriser la cathédrale Notre-Dame, mais aussi cultiver l’épanouissement du citoyen via des dispositifs modernes d'éducation, de partage, d’échange et de formation.

Sous le groupement mandaté par Tank Architectes, reciproque s'est vu confiée les missions de muséographie et de scénographie des espaces de visite du futur parcours sensoriel et immersif.

L'ouverture du Carré Janson est prévue pour 2024.