Lafayette Anticipations

Design and development of Lafayette Anticipations’ embedded mediation app and website

Lafayette Anticipations Application mobile
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The Fondation d’entreprise Galeries Lafayette set up shop in an industrial building renovated by architect Rem Koolhaas, in Paris’s Marais district. As a space for exhibiting and creating art, Lafayette Anticipations is a laboratory for creativity, innovation and research that is open to all members of the public.

For its opening, the Fondation d'entreprise Galerie Lafayette assigned to Reciproque the design, production and the technical operation of its website and its embedded mediation tool.

In preparation, Reciproque coordinated a strategic planning session with the Fondation teams to determine the scale of the projects and the quality requirements for the digital reception and mediation devices.

The Lafayette Anticipations website © reciproque

Reciproque created two complementary platforms.

The website was designed as a visible interface for contemporary creativity, in harmony with the Lafayette Anticipations artistic program. It is guided primarily by the curiosity of its visitors and by the need for information on the Fondation’s activities. Its editorial content is produced by the Lafayette Anticipations resource center and by the collections database. The graphic design was led in conjunction with the agency DreamOn.

The ReBond mobile app provides unique, open access to the discussions, meetings, research, and decisions involved in the creative process of the works on display, before, during and after the visit. The app is updated regularly in collaboration with the artists and the Fondation teams.

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