Cultural Space

Management of a project to create a virtual cultural offering for the city of Ploemeur

2011 - 2013

In 2010, Ploemeur city hall launched work on a cultural space for the city to replace the current media library, multimedia space and visual arts workshops. The new site also features a forum space for live performances.

The Ploemeur cultural space aims to promote artistic and cultural activities and to encourage residents to participate. The goal of this equipment is to establish a specific cultural identity and offer original activities, to identify and preserve the region’s unique culture, and to try innovative practices as part of a network.

The city of Ploemeur asked Reciproque to create a blueprint and specify the needs in terms of audiovisual and multimedia equipment for the media library and the forum space. Reciproque also provided the city with support for the call for tenders and monitoring of the works.

Cultural Center Auditorium © reciproque