Graphic and ergonomic redesign of the Institut Français website

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2015 - 2016

Culturethèque is the digital library developed by the Institut Français, providing access to the French cultural network all around the globe (Instituts Français and Alliances Françaises). Launched in February 2013, Culturethèque was the center of an active registration and communication campaign among establishments in the French cultural network abroad. Today, it is active in 72 countries and has more than 120,000 subscribers.

Reciproque and Des Signes were responsible for creating the graphic identity and the platform’s ergonomic redesign, for all the countries in which Culturethèque is available.

Culturethèque Site web de l'Institut Français
The Institut Français Culturethèque website © reciproque

Reciproque redesigned the ergonomics and functions of the new interface (interactive wireframes with graphic models), created page hierarchies, integrated the digital library fields into the new templates, and developed the various CSS page templates and javascript modules for the interface.

Reciproque also created communication tools and training videos for the Instituts Français.

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Sébastien Cotte
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