Strategic audit

Audit of the digital communications strategy for the Collège de France


The Collège de France produces content in all fields of knowledge intended for a universal audience, through the widest possible dissemination. The institute is proud of its ever-expanding reach, from its amphitheaters with regular broadcasting of its course curricula on France Culture.

The mass digital broadcast, featuring thousands of hours of course material presented in podcasts, has made it possible to teach people and reach new audiences all around the world. The Collège de France wanted to incorporate quantitative and qualitative elements, indicators and follow-up tools that would allow it to analyze and adapt its digital offering in order to best meet the challenges identified in its overall strategy.

The Ourouk firm and Reciproque joined forces to conduct an audit and provide recommendations on the Collège de France’s digital communications policy and its effectiveness. In particular, Reciproque offered its expertise in analyzing website referencing, technical and functional aspects such as performance and usability, and in analyzing Collège de France’s impact on social media.

The analysis, collection and comparative audit methodology made it possible to produce a summary document of strategic importance. Ourouk’s expertise and the brainstorming workshops with the Collège de France teams helped to outline new perspectives and objectives for the coming years.

Collège de France’s inaugural lecture
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