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Design, specifications and follow-up for the completion of the Musée de La Poste communication website

2015 - 2019
In progress

The Musée de La Poste building, inaugurated in 1973, is getting a second chance at life: a huge renovation project has been under way at 34 boulevard de Vaugirard since work began in April 2015. Since its grand opening on November 23, 2019, the building has served as a contemporary cultural hub.

The architectural renovation came on the heels of works already done on the collections, including the restoration of a thousand or so artefacts (paintings, postal objects, graphic art, stamps), an overhaul of the exhibitions, and the introduction of new services on site and online.

Site web du Musée de La Poste
Musée de La Poste website © reciproque

The Musée de La Poste communications team reached out to Reciproque for assistance and support with the complete overhaul of its website. After providing a detailed design complete with interactive models, Reciproque provided the museum assistance for the consultation with the graphic design agency. IT development was entrusted to the information systems shared services center (CSM-SI) at the La Poste group.

In the next phase, Reciproque was placed in charge of coordinating the teams and monitoring the production schedule for the editorial content (migration, production, translation).

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Stéphane Bezombes
Hélène Palauqui
Isabelle Jouve
Elsa Bernard
Anne Prugnon