Educational games

Design of a range of educational games for the French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research


The French National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (INRAP) aims to conduct preventive archeological operations (diagnostic activities and excavations) and ensures the scientific study of preventive excavation sites. INRAP is a French research institution which exploits and shares the results of its archeological research to the scientific community through seminars and conferences. This scientific institution has a mission to share its archeological research with the public, to explain the technical intricacies of the field via exhibitions and audiovisual documentaries, and to teach young people about all the steps involved in the excavation of an archeological site.

As part of its educational approach, INRAP asked Reciproque to design a series of educational mini-games suitable for children between the ages of 7 and 11.

Reciproque identified the principles of interaction while taking into account the particular aspects of the subject and the design and strategy guidelines specific to simulation game engines. Then, the firm detailed each scenario by outlining all of the technical specifications for the media platforms.

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