The Galerie des Galeries

Strategic study on the design of mediation and digital communication devices for the Galerie des Galeries


The Galerie des Galeries is the exhibition space of Galeries Lafayette Haussmann. Located on the store’s first floor, its goal is to help customers discover the talent of today and tomorrow. Hosting four exhibitions each year featuring creations from France and abroad, its program is seeking to promote the mainstreaming that exists between fashion, visual arts and design.

The Galeries Lafayette was a pioneer in terms of bridging the gap between visual arts, fashion and design, with the Galerie des Galeries in 2005, and has continued to lead the way in this field. The artistic direction at Galeries Lafayette organizes regular arts and culture events at the Haussmann store and other stores where the Group invites artists to participate.

In 2017, the Artistic Activities Division consulted with Reciproque in order to restate its promise to customers and visitors, to shed light on the physical and virtual stranglehold on culture actions, to find solutions to make it more visible, develop communications and mediation tools to capture the attention of people on the site and to share actions in the virtual space. 

The study resulted in a strategic analysis, a coordination plan for sub-projects to be implemented, and a needs assessment in terms of methods and human resources. This study must allow the Galeries Lafayette group to back the investment policy in support of contemporary creativity and to promote even more artistic activities.