Louis Vuitton Seoul

Design of digital exhibition devices for Louis Vuitton


This historic exhibition project by Louis Vuitton is the result of exchanges with the Seoul Museum of Art in 2012. Offering to the general public a both chronological and themed presentation, the exhibition is structured by this dual interpretation. One part historical, using as a common thread the notion of transfer, through people, of their profession, their history, and of each individual’s sensitivities; and one part transversal, bringing each of these personalities closer to their undeniable share of the legacy.

Louis Vuitton appointed Reciproque as the multimedia project manager for all the devices for the Louis Vuitton Seoul exhibition project modelled after the pieces from the Louis Vuitton Malletier heritage department.

The assigned objective was to design, create and launch mediation experiences and supporting content throughout the exhibition. This interactive space was designed to provide complementary information essential to the items on display and to offer a unique and dreamlike experience that would charm the South Korean public.

Due to a shift in communication strategy by the Group, the project was suspended in the preplanning phase.

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