Museology seminar

Design and hosting of museology seminars for Paris Musées

2018 - 2019

In March 2018, Reciproque, on behalf of Paris Musées, organized and hosted a seminar for administrators, curators and managers in charge of departments, exhibitions and the public, for the City of Paris’s 14 museums on the theme of “narrative in exhibitions”. This seminar offered an introductory workshop on the exhibition design practices which emphasized the collaborative aspect and the role of the project team.

To expand on the methodology, a second workshop was organized in February 2019. It explored the benefits of writing down the needs and qualitative expectations, in order to solidify the thought process and to provide a platform for dialogue with all the stakeholders of an exhibition project.

Reciproque’s team assisted the Paris Musées teams to organize the training seminars throughout the entire process: technical preparation, data collection, production of editorial materials for the seminar, operations and schedule coordination.

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Project team
François Forge
Isabelle Jouve
Anne Prugnon
Elsa Bernard
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