Volluto Experience

Production of an event celebrating the release of a Nespresso coffee range


Nespresso is a subsidiary of the Nestlé Group, which has supported young contemporary artists since 1991.

At the request of Nespresso, Reciproque proposed to the communications department a contemporary art project to celebrate the inauguration of the brand’s showroom at 119 Champs-Élysées, Paris.

The centerpiece of this art exhibition is a giant golden nugget, both an object of desire and the aim of an initiatory pursuit. Visible from a distance, it surprises the visitor. A raw and precious stone, of pure gold. However, the nugget by Virginie Yassef is also a door you can enter, as you embark on an initiatory micro-journey.

Volluto by Virginie Yassef © reciproque

The Reciproque team monitored the project’s overall progress, from the creation of the piece by Virginie Yassef up to the preparation of the space to accommodate the artwork and display it in the store.

Virginie Yassef’s work creates a fantastic, poetic experience in a prestigious commercial space.