Shanghai Post-Party

Design and organization of a digital event for the inauguration of the new Maison Hermès in Shanghai

Shanghai, Chine

On September 12, 2014, China’s first Maison Hermès opened its doors in Shanghai, on the historic Huahai avenue.

For the event, the Events and Exhibitions Department asked Reciproque to design the digital installations and oversee the audiovisual and acoustic elements for the inauguration gala held on the top three floors of the Bund building. The event was designed as a timeless transmedia moment in which guests are invited on a surprising journey closely linked to the spirit of the Hermès brand.

Under the artistic direction of Hermès International and the event production team, Reciproque worked on the scenographic development, designed all of the interactive installations in France, and coordinated their software development with the help of a team of creative professionals and developers.

Installation interactive recordingbooth
Interactive recording booth installation © Hermès Paris

In the second phase, Reciproque, in collaboration with Labeyrie & associés, finalized the audiovisual and acoustic technical studies required for pre-fitting the site.

During the construction phase, Reciproque supervised the installation, launched the technical infrastructure, and finalized the interfaces with local teams over the course of the three weeks preceding the event.