Digital museums

Digital mediation strategy for the museums of the City of Clermont-Ferrand

Musée de Clermont Ferrand

The City of Clermont-Ferrand manages three museums with different themes and focuses: a natural history museum (Musée Lecocq), an archeological and textile arts museum (Musée Bargoin) and a fine arts museum (Musée Roger Quilliot).

As part of a broader strategy to expand its cultural services, the city asked Reciproque and Ysalide Multimedia to conduct a diagnostic study and provide recommendations to outline a “Digital museums” roadmap.

The prospective study was carried out in collaboration with the museums’ teams and the city’s culture division and was divided into two work phases. The first phase was dedicated to gathering data and completing the audit (especially with regard to feedback on the digital tools already in place). Having a clear picture of the issues specific to each museum made it possible to identify shared objectives.

In the second and final phase, the study document was made operational thanks to the creation of summary sheets for each of the actions. In addition to the generic objectives, target audiences and references, each sheet provided concrete implementation data including the budget range, timeline and necessary resources.