Design and feasibility study for the future RATP metro

2012 - 2013

Metrolab is a research laboratory created by RATP and Alstom. Focused on the metro of the future, the lab’s objective is to develop comprehensive systems covering infrastructure, rolling stock, signage and traveler information as well as operation and maintenance. The solutions developed by Metrolab are marketed by the RATP Group or by Alstom Transport under the name Optimet.

Metrolab asked Reciproque to conduct a creativity study on the features of the automatic metro of the future. The objective is to immerse the traveler into an aerial, attractive and vibrant environment offering new usage prospects such as the desire to get information about one’s trip and to communicate with other travelers via devices.

The study was finalized by a 3D project demo which applied the various usage scenarios in the context of a consistently high influx of passengers.

The 3D infographic was assigned to Gilles Carconne, and was developed by Nicolas Gadenne. This simulation tool allowed Metrolab to put its innovation projects into context.

Vue intérieure du projet d'un métro du projet du Grand Paris
Interior view of the plans for a metro from the Grand Paris project © Metrolab
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