Musée Dobrée

Mediation device programming for the permanent exhibition at the Musée Dobrée

Vue d'artiste du futur musée Dobrée
2009 - 2015

The Musée Dobrée has been undergoing renovations since 2016 and is scheduled to reopen in 2021, with 2000 square meters of permanent exhibition spaces and 400 square meters of temporary exhibition spaces designed to present a heritage collection of 135,000 pieces. Led by the Department of Loire-Atlantique, this architectural project will reveal the unique aspects of an atypical site and will offer visitors a rare museographic experience.

As part of the Musée Dobrée renovation project, Reciproque drafted the multimedia mediation section of the detailed museographic program, defined the methods for exhibiting the intangible heritage, and calculated the estimated budget for the project competition. The mission of the overall program is coordinated by Aubry & Guiguet Programmation.

The renovation project was awarded to Dominique Perrault Architecture in April 2010. Studio Adeline Rispail was put in charge of the scenography.

The Musée Dobrée renovation project © Terreneuve architectes
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