Rivals in Renaissance Venice

Adaptation of a Museum Lab multimedia interactive experience at the Louvre Paris

2009 - 2010

For the temporary exhibition “Rivals in Renaissance Venice” (from September 17, 2009 to January 4, 2010), the Louvre Museum wanted to incorporate two multimedia installations designed around Titian’s “The Madonna of the Rabbit” as part of a Louvre - DNP collaboration. The digital installation was updated during the third experience managed by the Louvre and DNP and the Tokyo Museum Lab in 2008.

Reciproque adapted the multimedia devices by allowing users to discover new interactive ways to appreciate works of art and by providing the keys to decipher the painting through iconographic and composition analyses, with commentary by Jean Habert, senior curator for the Department of Paintings. Reciproque also adapted the computer code and broadcast engineering to comply with European standards, as the entire installation developed by the DNP teams was in Japanese.

Vue de l'exposition
View of the exhibition © reciproque

The primary display platform is an immersive space spanning 12 square meters. It invites visitors to physically immerse themselves in the painting’s composition by being able to move around freely. The body’s position alone makes it possible to navigate the painting’s 12 layers of perspective.

This device is accompanied by an interactive table that provides an overview of the key elements to understanding the painting and to unlocking the meaning behind certain details using an interactive magnifying glass.