Executive production of an animated miniseries for the Philharmonie de Paris website

2009 - 2010

Ludwig is an animated miniseries presented and created by Reciproque on behalf of Philharmonie de Paris. It is designed to provide a quirky and unique glimpse into the challenges surrounding the new philharmonic music hall.

Part of the first episode was shot in an acoustic mock-up built on a 1:10 scale of the main concert hall of the future Philharmonie de Paris. Other sequences were produced in Paris and in the Parc de la Villette.

Ludwig © reciproque

The building of a real-life model for the construction of a concert hall may be surprising, given the state-of-the-art acoustic simulation software available today. The Philharmonie de Paris concert hall meets the most rigorous international standards in effect. However, the teams in charge of the acoustics project explain that computers are unable to simulate everything, and a return to concrete reality can sometimes be essential. This is where we came up with the idea to use this model to create an animated film with a character created by Vincent Escrive: Ludwig.

The second episode presents a behind the scenes look at the construction project.

Making of the series © reciproque
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