Project filming

Filming of the Luma Arles Foundation construction project

Fondaiton Luma Arles
2016 - In progress
In progress

Founded in 2014 in support of the Luma Arles project, the Luma Arles Foundation is currently building a cultural center in the Parc des Ateliers, located in the City of Arles, in collaboration with architects Frank Gehry and Annabelle Selldorf and landscaper Bas Smets. This ambitious project will create a multidisciplinary center dedicated to producing exhibitions and ideas, to research, education and archives. The main building is scheduled to open in 2020.

The Luma Arles Foundation hired Reciproque to carry out a regular filming campaign for the duration of the works, keeping in mind three objectives: (1) to capture the space, time and ambiance of the project and to record the sound, sometimes a few words even, in order to preserve the memory of daily life on the site, (2) to archive the raw material, the memory of the physical construction site and its evolution, and (3) to document the project highlights.

Chantier de la Fondation Luma
Luma Foundation construction site © reciproque

Since October 2015, Reciproque and its partner Bocalupo Films have been recording life on the building site with two shoots per month. Filming has been organized according to a precise placement plan for the camera and its angles, in order to identify and index shots and their comparison over time. The Reciproque teams are busy shooting, logging, editing, indexing by key words, and finally archiving the footage on the Foundation servers.

Rushes have already been used to produce several films illustrating the story behind the project.

Chantier de la Fondation Luma, Arles Fondation Luma
Evolution of the Luma Foundation worksite © reciproque, 2019
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