Project website for Philharmonie de Paris

Design, development and operation of the Philharmonie de Paris project website

2010 - 2014

The Philharmonie de Paris is an accomplished public institution for national and international orchestra ensembles. Construction for the project was launched in 2007. The Philharmonie de Paris was inaugurated on January 14, 2015.

For the entire duration of the project, Reciproque designed and maintained the Philharmonie de Paris website, a digital communication space used to present the architecture competition and construction project as well as to invite professionals and members of the public to be part of this great new symphonic concert hall in France. Working alongside the agency Inook, who was responsible for the graphic design and artistic direction, Reciproque assigned a dedicated team to oversee the editorial development and completion follow-up of the communication site’s audiovisual content.

Page d'accueil du site web de chantier de la Philharmonie de Paris
Homepage of the Philharmonie de Paris project website © reciproque

This website is part of a sustainable digital development strategy for the future establishment. Its duration is limited to the construction timeframe, but its architecture allows for it to evolve and to be reused in the hierarchy and history of the Philharmonie website. The Philharmonie project website is an open platform developed to provide information, promote discussion and sharing, and present the project’s progression day after day.

In the final year, the project website was replaced with the concert booking website for the first season. A temporary box office website was created as a digital catalog. With a simple navigation, a discovery engine and easy-to-use filters, the box office website hosted 120,000 visitors in just a few weeks and offered a secure space for the first music enthusiasts to confirm their subscription.

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