50 years of Maison de la Radio

New website created to mark 50 years of Maison de la Radio


Maison de la Radio was designed by architect Henry Bernard and houses all the technical and artistic crafts required to produce and broadcast hundreds of hours of radio programming and news on a daily basis. Inaugurated on December 14, 1963, the Radio France headquarters celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013.

Radio France wanted to mark this celebration with a minisite recounting the impressive history of this extraordinary building, from its original construction and current renovation to its focus on the future and innovation. Three quarters of the minisite’s content is dedicated to the building’s evolution and history, while the remainder explores artists’ visions on the future of radio. It also provides updates on the Maison de la Radio renovation project.

Navigating the website brings users on a continuous journey between the past and present. Archive photographs and current videos are superimposed to provide a before-and-after snapshot from the same point of view, creating a sense of the passage of time.

Site web réalisé à l'occasion des 50 ans de la maison de la Radio
New website to mark 50 years of Maison de la Radio

To create the website, 50 artists, designers, musicians, illustrators and photographers contributed their “Visions” on the future of radio, assembling a mosaic of homages to radio.

Reciproque designed and built the entire website from A to Z, including its user engagement strategy, the drafting of editorial content, and the technical implementation of its multi-screen adaptive design. Juliette Champain oversaw the graphic design of the site.

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Vincent Levy
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