Fort Saint-Jean

Design and completion follow-up for the Fort Saint-Jean multimedia exhibitions

2011 - 2013

The MuCEM (musée des civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée) is a national museum located in Marseille. The MuCEM is a society dedicated to the civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean. Overlooking the entrance of the Vieux-Port and facing the Fort Saint-Nicolas, the Fort Saint-Jean is located just off the MuCEM. The fort first welcomed the museum’s provisional steering committee, before opening to the public in 2013.

OPPIC awarded the pool comprised of Zen+dCo, Reciproque et Phung Consulting with the mission to design and monitor the works completed in the Fort Saint-Jean spaces. The team drafted the museographic blueprint (tour strategy, work plan and division of labor, definition of contacts, action plan with budget and timeline) and assisted the scientific curator to prepare the museographic elements for the inauguration.

Vue du jardin du Mucem pendant les travaux
View of the MuCEM garden during construction © reciproque

Reciproque was responsible for managing the multimedia devices required for visitors, the Fort Saint-Jean historical walking trail, and for discovering the heritage of the collections relating to holidays and performances.

As part of the pool, Reciproque carried out the Organization-Management-Coordination mission for the construction phase.

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